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The time when you said, “I do” may not be the time when you want to do things. When the marriage is not working out, it’s easy to fall into a “I don’t want to do that” mindset. The problem with that is that is not enough time when you are feeling that way. When you are falling into that, you are also making choices that are working out to leave your marriage. The first time this happened was after my second son was born. As he grew, those first few weeks, I was falling apart. I dragged myself around, cried many times a day, and felt my world turn grey and heavy. Normal sleepless stupor became a postpartum depression. As I felt myself bursting into tears without warning in the grocery store, I knew something was wrong. But how could it be that I couldn’t handle having two children? Women all over the world did it, just fine. What kind of a failure, a wimp, must I be? It took weeks for me to accept that I was in real trouble.
Once I took that in, I asked for what I wanted, and then I did it. I worked for several months on the assumption that he would want me back. I then tried to work on it, but it just wasn’t fair to me. I let myself believe that what he was going to say would be true. I tried to escape from the sadness, anger, and fear that he would be upset by her. I did all I could to make him happy, and even when I couldn’t, I was so relieved. I felt like I had done everything I could, and then I left him.
This is how I think often happens when I try to help people, myself, and others when we go through a difficult break-up or divorce. It’s how you try to gain something and then throw it away because someone else might have it or because you think it’s too dangerous to go out to the person who you might think might be affected by it.
It’s also how you try to appease the person who seems to be the bad guy in the situation. You’ve probably tried your best to make the person who isn’t going to give you anything better just because you care so much about him. You’ve probably tried to make him feel like a man, but actually, you are the bad guy. It’s a combination of feelings. It can be anger, fear, insecurity, and a complete disappointment. It can also be humiliation, as the other person is now in your shoes and you are their victim.
Then, when it goes to the court, you start to get advice from everyone who’s been through it. You’ll start to realize that you did the best you could in any given situation. It’s not always easy, but you will get through it. The best thing you can do for yourself is to keep living your life the way you can. Try to work at the things you love and do, and the results will be worth it.
Good luck!
Are You Sabotaging Your Own Relationships?

Are You Heading for Divorce?
What to Do When Your Ex Doesn’t Pay Child Support! may be surprised to know that your ex-spouse doesn't pay child support. Child support collection can be a challenging task, especially when the ex doesn’t pay his or her share.
The average cost of child support collection in California is $32,000 a month, which $23,000 a month is in addition to any financial support you may have for your children.
But wait, your children didn’t see that number. You see? Well, that’s not what’s happening in most cases. As we’ve discussed, the $32,000 is there for two reasons. First, the law is set at a fixed rate for child support, which is determined at a formula created by the state legislature. In California, the judicial district court’s job is to determine the proper rate. In order to do that, a child support calculator must be used, which this article will explain.
But the second reason is that most courts are run by people who have a habit of paying child support in excess of what they owe. So, most states have a system where child support is created at a variable rate and it is determined by who you are and what your income is. If you had a habit of paying child support, then it becomes vitally important to get your money in order.
Can you get a divorce if you don’t know where to start? Well, the first thing you need to do is get your state of California divorce packet. Take as long as you need. You’ll