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Effective Protection From Mosquito Bites
With the new year for us, quite naturally our thoughts turn to our annual or summer holiday, the media and internet comes complete with special offers all enticing us to visit more than we have ever gone before. Long Haul holidays have grown to be less costly to the masses, with Africa, Asia and many other destinations becoming popular.
We truly realize from the requirement of certain injections which might be required with regards to the destination, we are also aware of the requirement of anti malarial protection, especially where mosquitoes are recognized to be prevalent carrying malaria, dengue fever and also other life threatening diseases.
While anti malarial treatments do help stop the spread of the disease, there are a constantly increasing quantity of places that the mosquitoes have been resistance against these treatments, several much talked about celebrities have recently been infected with Malaria, despite having taken anti malarial precautions, UK pop star and TV personality Cheryl Cole wound up in intensive care with malaria and was lucky to live following a mosquito bite received after a vacation to Tanzania, Surfing world champion Andy Irons regretfully died after contracting Dengue fever from your mosquito bite.
So what is the answer? Trying to stop getting bitten is the initial thing, there are many treatments, potions, and lotions that offer some protection, the issue using these is because they need frequent re-application to maintain their effectiveness, they also only protect other locations which have been treated. Some have unpleasant scents for many years, and can leave you feeling greasy or sticky. For families with children who do have a tendency to spend time and effort in and out from the pool or the sea, parents can almost spend their time ensuring that the repellents are re-applied as the majority of these items are not waterproof.
The answer lies in something that has been in existence everyone for several years; Patches are already the saviour for anyone wanting to to give up smoking, and they're also used by providing women with HRT, fat burners and also birth control. A Trans-dermal patch delivers the ingredients directly in the wearer's system, bypassing the digestive system in which a percentage with the effectiveness of other pills is lost, the medical profession feel that these patches are by far the most efficient method to deliver drugs, medicines and other nutrients in to the body in a measured dose without the need for injections or constant pill taking.
Mosquito Patch has been developed employing the same technology, it delivers a constant dose of thiamine to the wearers bloodstream. Natural malaria prevention (vitamin B1) an entirely natural and highly effective compound that mosquitoes find totally repellent. As Dengue fever treatment is passed around our bloodstream, it's unique scent is emitted out from every pore, in our breath and in many cases our urine giving the wearer total and complete protection everywhere in the body from mosquitoes as well as other flying biters. Thiamine is 100% pure, natural and completely harmless, and also the scent while offensive to mosquitoes is unnoticeable to humans, each patch lasts for an entire 24 hrs and is waterproof, so forget about constant re-applying of creams or worrying in the event the kids are protected because they swim and play.
Natural dengue treatment account for more than a million deaths each year, remain and your loved ones resistant to Malaria, Dengue fever as well as the other killer diseases offered by these insects.