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Q. For https://s3.amazonaws.com/naturist-last/teen-nudist-photos.html who might be struggling and have questions - What are the great sites, blogs resources that you feel they'd take advantage of?
A. There are some excellent, kind and generous girls in that group who are all going through tons of distinct phases. Some are newly diagnosed, some have only learned that they will have the dreaded BRAC gene, some are waiting for a mastectomy, some are midway through reconstruction, some are having chemo etc.
This indicates that whatever period you are at, somebody has been there before and at 4am when you awaken in the middle of a panic attack - that's invaluable. It'd have been a considerably more difficult encounter without that / them.
She is a powerful, brave young woman who I admire and respect enormously. I believe I speak for the whole FKK family when I say that we are all sending her a ton of love and positive ideas.
Every man deals with problems otherwise. None are more "right" than another's. I am posting at least one more story / interview in another few days with the hopes of offering an alternative outlook.
The State Of America Today With Regards To Teenage Suicide, Date Rape and More
Each year brings change. Folks evolve, society evolves, and crime rates are changed. At times the crimes decline, but sometimes the reverse occurs. This post is a look at some of the most troublesome offenses in the United States and reveals the statistical changes that have occurred within each offense.
Sexual assault Numbers
Sexual assaults are sexually verbal and physical attacks that don't include rape. There was a substantial increase in 2003. At that time, the rate of sexual assaults was 56%, when in 1995, the numbers were 29%. In 2010 the percentage of sexual assaults reported dropped to 35%.
The present average of sexual assault victims is over 200,000. The numbers relate to 1 victim every 2 minutes.
Teenage Rape Data
Teenage Rape - Studies demonstrate that adolescent rape events have significantly fell by almost half since 1993, but it continues to be a very pervasive and serious dilemma.
To put these numbers into perspective, let's look at the data of 2002. During that year 247,730 instances of rape were reported, and almost half, 44%, of the victims are under 18 years of age. Close to half of all sufferers are teenagers!
Teenagers are considered to be more susceptible to falling victim to rape due to the rise in technology. Almost 80% of these girls post pictures online and nearly half of them have sent "sexual" type messages. The message is subsequently shared with people apart from the intended recipient. This inadvertently increases the chance of rape.
54% of the 1 in 6 rape victims in the USA are teens. Of the 22 million reported rape incidents, over 11 million are teenagers. The cases of rape all together decline, but the quantity of teen casualties are increasing.
Date rape Statistics
Date rape was only understood as a genuine offense in the 80's. This kind of rape happens during a date or trip with someone who is, at least, comparatively comfortable. At times substances and alcohol may be there before the offense, but this really is not always true. In the mid 1990s, it was reported that date rape occurs with 57% of present rapes. 38% percent of victims say that the rapist was a friend, relative, or acquaintance. Rape cases may be decreasing as a whole, but date rape accounts for more than half of those incidents.
The use of the term "date rape" became notable in the 90's and continues to be a focus since. So although rape in general is decreasing, of those rapes, a lot more than half occur with someone the victim just met, slightly knows, or has understood for time. The amounts of date rape victims continue to rise.